2014 saw York duo, Discomister, reach the Official UK Singles Chart and receive over 100’000 views of the viral video for their song ‘Bring It Home’. Celebrity endorsements, national radio play, and a Twitter army of support lead to thousands being raised for two charities and a slot at the Tour De France Grand DeParty concert. The success urged Discomister to write and release a Christmas song and even an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. 2015 was spent writing and recording an album of songs that are now being unleashed live onstage.


‘I Am You’ was released digitally in November 2015, with a strictly limited pink 7” vinyl released in early December. Double A-side 'Magical/Feed The Rich' was released on limited green 7" vinyl in April 2016.


With diverse influences from Led Zeppelin to The Prodigy and Thom Yorke to Katy Perry, Discomister’s new material covers many different areas. They use a mixture of folk, electronic dance and heavy rock sounds that are tied together with catchy vocal melodies, harmonies and lyrical themes. The stage show is as engrossing as the music, with tales and costumes that would not be out of place at a Glam/Prog Rock concert. Discomister completed the 'Cool Is Dead European Tour 2016' in Spring, performing in cities including Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, and were enthusiastically welcomed.

Their debut album Cool Is Dead is due for physical release in December 2016 and digitally in January 2017.